I’m so happy you avoided this garbage.

But I do appreciate you being brave enough to share the experience so others can learn. I’m sure https://kempton-park.infoisinfo.co.za/search/logistics if you follow the steps listed above, you’ll be fine. I’m so happy you avoided this garbage.

real work at home packing parcels

Unfortunately, this is a common scam that many people have fallen for. Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau both have alerts on websites about this illegitimate work opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about work-from-home packing jobs, how they could be a scam, and what to do instead. There’s no amazon work from home customer service shortage of easy and flexible ways to make money from home. But are all these opportunities and jobs legit? One type of remote job you may hear about often is packing or assembly work. There are loads of genuine ways to make money from home, especially if you’re looking to earn a bit extra and not replace a whole full time income.

Reporting A Scam Website

And I would say 99.9% of us have been victims. But it’s how you deal with the experience that really shapes you. My negative experience caused me to create my uss express job reviews websites and thus help thousands of others make money legitimately and avoid scams. Some others react by become jaded and giving up on the whole industry.

Also my younger sister fell victim to the scam. She shipped over 20 packages and had the same shipping job description as Karen in the comments above you. Same process, Received https://techktimes.com/uss-express/ packages , received shipping labels via email and sent packages to address abroad mostly in the Russian Federation. They told her on the 21st day she would get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leaflet Packing & Envelope Stuffing Jobs From Home

This remote incumbent allows you to work from home at the comfort of your residence. You’ll be expected to work 9 to 5, M-F, your local time. All employees at Alentix start with a 30-day probationary period. Your salary during the initial probationary period is going to be $2700. Once you are hired permanently, your salary will be increased to $3000. Print the shipping label and adhere it to the package whereupon take the package to the nearest corresponding delivery service.

  • There are no costly training courses and no start-up fees.
  • How I found this site, whenever I get a job offer of craigslist.
  • I’m happy you found this article and avoided this scam.
  • Thank you again for exposing these scams.
  • That’s what they want your license and other information for not to run red lights.

But then they’ll email you from a free email account . They can say it was from the government for all I care. There isn’t much more to it so stop trying to justify it in your mind. There is absolutely no reason to take such a risk when this site https://www.careerbliss.com/uss-express/reviews/ already provides you legitimate job leads. I recently got involved with two drop shipping company scams. Express Product Mover (epromover.com) and Shipping Express Management. I had a gut feeling that they were scams but went with it anyway.

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