The banks trade currencies with each other using electronic means.

You’re correct in saying that is a market maker dealing desk, and thus, we are able to fill your trades instantly. However, after we execute your Forex news trade, we either offset your trade in the interbank market with one of our wholesale trading partners or net your position against another customer.

  • We took care of the hard part for the average trader to sorting through the long list of Forex brokers and picking out the best and whittled down to a list of the Top Forex brokers.
  • While the vendor claims that it does not support the Martingale approach and performance is based on the net change in the pips only.
  •’s mobile app offers a number of customization tools you can use to make the app your own.
  • The banks trade currencies with each other using electronic means.
  • You can get competitive spreads and exceptional execution on over 15 of the world’s most popular indices.
  • Further, you may also find problems searching for some brokers as per your requirements.

This is the market where the participants get to buy, sell, speculate on and exchange currencies. It comprises of banks, corporations, central banks, investment companies, hedge funds, and forex brokers. It is the largest market with over $5 trillion transacted daily. That is more than the futures and equity markets combined. The forex brokers reviews cover each one based on statistical data and market approval among other important things that we believe you need to look at before you pick a forex broker.


Two concepts you should regarding the charges are spread & percentage. In addition to the well-presented trading guides, you can learn more through a good range of tutorial videos that cover the various trading topics. They are easy to follow and can be accessed from the education section of the brokers website. Save time with actionable trade opportunities, identified patterns, crypto in-depth volatility analysis and intraday technical analysis, all included free in the desktop and web platforms. Platforms are available on desktop (Windows / Mac), web and mobile (iPhone / iPad / Android / Tablet). This is useful if you plan on trading using multiple devices in different locations as one account can be accessed across a range of different platforms.

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Designed for high-volume currency traders, Active Traders can enjoy exceptional customer experiences tailored to your unique needs. US offers 3 main account types, the standard account, commission account and STP PRO account.

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Then we need to consider the importance of money management when using the Forex X-Speed Strategy or any other manual forex strategy for that matter. A forex system can give you the best forex signals in the world, but could still fail miserably if your stop loss and take profit levels are not set correctly. This is why I often see the exact some strategies give completely different results depending on the money management used, not to mention the traders discipline. Hopefully, this will help you to decide if this is a forex trading strategy that you would like to try out. I think that it has some potential but does require the user to take some initiative. There are several ways that you can invest in the forex market.

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The Forex X-Speed Strategy uses a combination of technical indicators for analysing the markets to try and determine when there are trends forming. The trading template is clear and easy to understand, with colour coded buy and sell signals. You can take the signals as they are or conduct your own market analysis for further confirmation. New forex brokers in the market are scoping out what the market is like. They may know stuff but they are not the best option for you. Always know which ones have been in the market for the long enough stay on these competitive markets with all regulation. You need to trust a broker who has both regulation and customer services.

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